Where & how to celebrate your birthday? – Yacht Birthday Special ◇ (LSG)

Luxury Sensation Group

Luxury Sensation Group brings you and all organised party planning for your birthday parties! This week we will talk about having it on a yacht and sailing to different island in Singapore! What is a yacht party , how do we make the best party? What must we bring?
Any ages from young kids, to teens, adults, corporate and so on! We provide the services!

If you do not want to do any of this! Our humble Luxury Sensation Group will do it all for you with VIP Concierge Service.

What will be included in LSG Yacht birthday Party Package?

Luxury Sensation Group

Luxury Sensation Group

1.Choosing Your Yacht – Beautiful yacht ,with the skippers and a bbq chef. ( From 18 people to 50 people to be invited to your Yacht Birthday Party)



( We work with several direct boat owners and groups of companiese that owns yachts)

2. FOOD & Drinks – Bbq Food & additional prices for Alcohol & Drinks


Beautiful Sunset

3. DJ – what type of music, how they were to dress

We have basic DJ, more famous dj or even international DJ if you have the budget.

4. Photographer & Videographer – to capture your birthday memories

5. INVITATION CARD – Birthday design Invitation Card would be designed

6. Arrangements : They will arranged and inform your guest for the location , time and what they need to bring

7. VIP Concierge Service – A person in Charge will be there to handle any situations or hick ups in case . You will have your own VIP concierge service

Luxury Sensation Group

Luxury Sensation Group

8. BIRTHDAY CAKE & Decorations -Getting your decorations & birthday cake ( additional cost for special cakes)

9. Floats & Toys  – Would be blown up with : Float With Me , one can buy or it would be blown up for you there are many different kinds like unicorns, beer pong and so on

Luxury Sensation Group

Luxury Sensation Group

10. ADDITIONAL Entertainment – IF YOU want additional entertainment like , dancers, models, party girls or boys, celebrities , special effects, banners, jet skis and so on, we can arranged with ( additional cost)


Look no further as we specialised in Yacht Birthday Party Professional organisation! Just name us your budget and we can help you to arrange your most memorable birthday Party!




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