What to eat in (Korea)? COLD Crabs Seafood! Pro Ganjang Gyejang 

Soya Cold crabs

When i travelled to korea i personally love this, my first time and my korean friend introduce me to this restaurant. I love crabs since i come from singapore! So therefore the taste was oozing into my taste pallets 🙂

Esp the orange part of the crabs 😉 which is my favourite. 

So apparently there is several ways to eat it , some just eat it raw, others mix it with the rice and seaweed that they gave. Especially the head of the crab is one of the best when you mix it with the crab! It was just amazing and this made me think why didn’t I know about this earlier!

Therefore, I highly recommend this soya crabs to everybody who have a craving for seafood in korea.

So yummy , i always wonder what this is

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