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Belive : Nicole Chen

If you want to download, I recommend highly www.belive.sg and you may use my referral code to get the 100 Free Gems First : 524236839
I’ll stream at least 30mins a day! As I’m hook on Live Streaming!


So Everybody ask what Is Live Streaming? The craze started quite long ago with a Taiwanese Application and soon China had their own! And After that there soon came another Live Streaming App! But BeLive is different as it’s a Singapore app and it ties in with the biggest broadcasting station in Singapore (Mediacorp) so you know that you would diffidently be paid for sure!

5 Reasons why you should start Live Streaming?

1. If you have an opinion or something you feel strongly about, live streaming will be brilliant as you get to gain a trust and grow your fan base or customer base and thus, your fans or customers get to grow on your brand or maybe even understand who you are. Which is very important brand identity.

2. Live streaming is the ” IN  “ thing , they are now in almost all social media,facebool live , instagram live , chinese live ( pandatv), twitch, periscope!

3. It can be a passive income for yourself. Maybe you have no talent whatsoever but your talent is actually talking and making people happy. Talk about what you are passionate about or what is the know how or things you know how to do that is way better than the rest.

4. Live streaming can help you build up and catch up relationships with your friends, new people, customers ( old or new) and so on.

5. Everybody wants to know where , who, what you did or how you did it! LIVE is something that is going on right now! And thus they can feel something they can communicate with you about!

If you want to download, I recommend highly www.belive.sg and you may use my referral code to get the 100 Free Gems First : 524236839
I’ll stream at least 30mins a day! As I’m hook in Live Streaming!

After downloding you may ask yourself what should you do? What should you say? How would you structure your live?

5 Topics & Things to do on your Live Stream

1. TALENTS – If you can Sing, Dance, Dj, Play an instrument, teach people how to work out! That’s something you can do for 30mins to an hour of live streaming! Even teaching people how to create a wordpress blog? Teaching how to do make up?

2. CURRENT Juicy GOSSIPS – If you don’t have any talents but talking is your talent, you can talk about anything maybe about what’s happening around the world? Latest gossip, news or current affairs and so on, therefore the headline of your Live Streaming is very important

3. Travel – Everybody is curious on where you go , what you are eating, how’s the hotel in the country you at, what you are eating and how are you doing! Even showing where to go!

4. Bring  a Co host –  I’ve noticed having 2 people in a stream is interesting you can tease them,play with them, teach them or even just having a conversation with them while the audience watchings you like a stalker 😉 They would be interested in what you girls or guys are even talking about.

5. LIVE STREAM EVENTS – Events are interesting, you can do things like you being a host and asking questions to the people who are in the events , how they feel and so on and what they like, show those that are not there what they are missing out!

What is really cool is you can recieve as much “stars” that would be converted to money after and you can cash out! This was just a 5 mins stream and I recieved a mansion that’s like $50 bucks sgd

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