Mitsui Cuisine M (Taipei) Food Review

Mitsui Cuisine M (Taipei)

Mitsui Cuisine M (Taipei)If you have a big group a request of the private dinning room would be prefect!

Mitsui Cuisine M (Taipei)

Love this appetizer , when the scrupulous prawn ooze out this amazing taste between my taste pallets

Mitsui Cuisine M (Taipei)

Very generous with the crab in the soup! I ate all of it and the crab meat was so thick and juicy.

Mitsui Cuisine M (Taipei)

The soba was authentic

Mitsui Cuisine M (Taipei)

My Best Friend loved the Fresh Fish! It looks scary but the fish was so juicy!

Mitsui Cuisine M (Taipei)

A Platter of Sushi is a must for a big group of us and yes the Uni was Fresh!

This was one of my favorite dish!

Mitsui Cuisine M (Taipei)

We Had 2 Bottles of this Amazing Sake! I’m So glad my Japanese Friend choose the right bottles!

Ambience : 9/10
Price : $$$$
Service 9/10
Food : Very Fresh! Love it there was a unique taste!
I’ll definitely go there again if I’m back to Taipei .

Mitsui cuisine M 

 Address: No. 1, Songzhi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110

Phone: +886 2 2345 1101

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